A smarter property

The Altro Smart Lock allows you to simply manage your property and provide the best tenant experience from anywhere. Whether you are managing a single property or multiple locations, the Altro Smart Lock provides a simple and easy to use interface that removes the need for standard keys and expensive onsite servers.

Property management made simple

Simplify the way you and your tenants access your property.

Complete control over your property’s access

The Altro Smart Lock allows you to automatically authorize specific locks to initiate set actions and access. While your tenants can manage their own guest or employee access to their interior suites.

Gone are the days of lost keys

Issue virtual keys to your tenants and residents, that pair with smartphones via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, to automatically unlock and lock the door. No smartphone? Tenants can use the keypad and their unique key code in order to gain access to the property.

Provide remote support

Provide user assistance to your tenants remotely, right from your phone. You can respond to video and audio calls from tenants or visitors in the event they need help or access to the property.

Make sure your property is safe

The Altro Smart Lock automatically locks after a set duration, making sure unauthorized access does not occur. This helps to protect your property and tenants from theft, as the one-way video records every time a guest or visitor enters the property.

Subscription Cloud Video Backup

Makes sure you never miss any activity at your door with our Subscription Cloud Video Backup service, which provides you and your tenants with added security. Our cloud backup allows you to review your doors access, so you can see who has come and gone.

Secure your home today!

Altro Smart

All-in-one Video and Audio Smart Lock


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