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Altro Smart Model X

The all-in-one keyless video and audio enabled smart lock

Altro Smart Model X

The all-in-one keyless video and audio enabled smart lock

  • 1-way video, 2-way audio
  • Motion detection
  • Encrypted and secure cloud backup
  • Integration with Google Home and Alexa
  • Wi-Fi & BLE connected
  • Zero Touch Technology automatically locks and unlocks your door
  • Emergency back up key for when needed
  • Ability to give remote access
  • Unlimited/secure virtual key sharing
  • Real-time video and notifications
  • Battery operated
  • Connector cable for easy charging
  • Night vision camera
  • Easy to install yourself in just minutes, no wiring required.
  • Mobile app to manage your front door in real time
  • Included with your purchase is one battery, connector cable, and a traditional key
  • Lock Dimensions:
    • Outer Unit: 7.48in. x 2.91in. x 0.94in.
    • Inner Unit: 7.48in. x 2.99in. x 1.41in.

The next generation smart lock is here

With the 1-way video and 2-way audio feature you can see who is at your door and speak to them anywhere you have Wi-Fi.

Altro smart uses Bluetooth to sense your presence and lock and unlock your door, without needing to remove your phone from your pocket or purse.

Built in Wi-Fi connects to your home network and enables you to remotely monitor, lock and unlock, access your security settings, and receive notifications.

The keyless auto lock and unlock feature makes Altro Smart the truly next-generation smart lock which provides added security.

Provide and share passcodes with friends and family from the Altro Smart app. You can set permanent or temporary access by adding your invitee to your list and designating their permissions.

COMING SOON – The multi-platform mobile app gives you the freedom to access Altro Smart from any of your smart devices.  

Altro Smart monitors your doors status and will instantly notify you if it detects movement in front of your door, if your door opens or closes, or if anyone tries to tamper with your door or lock.

The Altro Smart app also allows you to control and monitor your door in real-time and review all of the activity captured by your Altro Smart Lock.

Rechargeable batteries continuously run Altro Smart for 3 months on a single charge, depending on usage. Easily recharge the battery using the provided USB cable. 

Installing Altro Smart is quick and easy, all you’ll need is a phillips head screwdriver and it’s recommended that the unit be four feet above the ground.

Video is encrypted and stored in the cloud.

Altro Smart is compatible with Google Home or Alexa.

Altro Smart Model X vs. other smart locks


Other Smart Locks

All-in-one HD video doorbell and smart lock

Have to purchase multiple products

Talk to and see your visitors with 1-way video, 2-way audio

Can only speak to visitors with 2-way audio

Touch-less lock and unlock

Manually enter a passcode to lock and unlock

Encrypted cloud backup you can access at any time

Backups stored for short periods of time

Easily grant remote access to visitors with video and audio


Motion Detection allows you to know when someone is at your door


Receive real-time notifications with video


Night vision camera


On-demand live video


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How to lock & unlock the Altro Smart Lock


Altro Smart works with most standard doors. Since the Altro Smart lock is a complete replacement instead of an add-on device, it can be fitted on to most doors if the user follows the provided instructions.

Altro Smart comes with everything you need, including the video door lock, knob unit, screws, mounting plate and latch.

Altro Smart is easy to install yourself.  All you need to install Altro Smart is a phillips head screwdriver.

Altro Smart is battery powered, and comes with a rechargeable battery and a connector cable to make recharging easy.

You will be notified through the Altro Smart mobile app, installed on your phone, every time someone is at the front door. It will even take a photo of everyone at your door, so you can always know who has visited. 

The types of notifications you will receive are:

      • When you have an incoming video call
      • When your door has been locked or unlocked
      • Access sharing – when you create, edit, or delete an access key
      • When your motion sensor has been activated, accompanied by a 5 second video clip
      • Status updates
      • When you have missed a call or visitor

Yes, Altro Smart will automatically lock and unlock itself by connecting with your Altro Smart app via Bluetooth.

Altro Smart works on BLE and Wi-Fi connections. The device is IP65 rated and its weather-resistant design prevents damage by rain, snow, heat or cold.

Yes, Altro Smart is easy to install yourself.  All you will need is a phillips screwdriver and a few minutes.

A unique passcode is randomly generated for every user when they register or create an account on the Altro Smart mobile app. Users can regenerate this passcode whenever they want by going to the Altro Smart app and selecting the ‘Regenerate Pin’ option in settings.

The Altro Smart lock works on rechargeable batteries, which power the device for 1 to 2 months of continuous usage (estimated as per tests done in lab environment). If the Wi-Fi is not working, the smart lock will not support remote activities. In this situation, the smart lock will lock and unlock over the BLE connection and/or by using the smart keypad and your unique passcode. In case of emergency, the Altro Smart Lock comes equipped with a traditional key and keyhole.

Altro Smart will eliminate your need for keys. Your phone and the smart keypad will unlock your Altro Smart device. In case of emergency, the Altro Smart Lock comes equipped with a traditional key and keyhole.

Charge the battery by plugging a power bank/compatible power source with a USB cable to the USB port, at the bottom of Altro Smart outer unit. This will charge the battery pack enough to unlock your door using BLE access. In case of emergency, the Altro Smart Lock comes equipped with a traditional key and keyhole.

You can add an unlimited number of owners and guests to the Altro Smart lock.

Secure your home today!

Altro Smart Model X

All-in-one Video and Audio Smart Lock


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