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Altro Smart Lock doubles as a video doorbell at CES 2019

From cameras to connected security kits, we've seen a surge in interest in smart home security over the past year or two. That's helped fuel a growing number of video doorbells, and it's put smart locks front and center for lots of smart home shoppers, too. Now, at CES 2019, a company called Altro is showing off a product that combines both into one.

New Smart Locks Make It Easier to Keep Tabs on Your Home

A new generation of smart locks slated to debut this year will streamline the setup process and could keep down costs, which typically run into the hundreds of dollars. These new smart locks, introduced at CES 2019, incorporate the WiFi chip in the lock rather than in a piece of hardware called a bridge or a hub that comes at an extra cost.

10 Virtual Assistants for the Future of Smart Homes

It was only a matter of time before the two security devices were combined. At CES 2019 we got the Altro Smart Lock, a battery-powered, connected deadbolt with integrated video and two-way voice communication.

Here’s everything Amazon and its partners announced for Alexa at CES

Amazon Alexa is rocking CES 2019. Amazon sold millions of Echo and Dot smart speakers during the 2018 holiday season, extending its reach in the U.S. and around the world. Google Assistant came to CES 2019 loaded for growth with three times more exhibit space than last year and Amazon followed suit, hitting the Vegas presentation stages, exhibition halls, and meeting areas.

Altro Smart The next-generation keyless smart lock

Ever imagined a keyless smart door lock - that allows you to monitor & secure your home in all aspects? Presenting you with Altro Smart - that is a next-generation keyless smart lock with lost of features underlined below that should allow you to replace all your existing locks and doorbells.

15 home security innovations from CES 2019

A genuine first in home automation: a smart lock and video doorbell in one. The Altro Smart Lock offers keyless control of your deadbolt, two-way audio, remote control – including with voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant – and motion detection, which triggers the video to record.

We Found 6 Innovative Doorbell Cameras at CES 2019

We scoured CES 2019 in search of the best video doorbell cameras and are now bringing you the cream of the crop. There were so many to choose from, so we focused on well-known brands and those that really brought something new and exciting to the market. You'll see reviews and footage for Ring, Hip Cam, ADT, Altro Smartlock, Maximus Answer Dual Cam, and Zmodo. Prepare yourself for greatness.

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