Managing Battery Life

The Altro Smart lock comes with rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Before using Altro Smart lock for the first time, charge the battery for approximately 4-5 hours. For subsequent charging, simply remove the rechargeable battery and plug it into a power source using the USB cable.
The Altro Smart lock comes with one additional rechargeable lithium-ion battery to make sure to provide uninterrupted Altro Smart lock features and services, when one of the battery is getting charged.
The Altro Smart lock has an inbuilt USB port also through which the battery can be charged without actually removing it.
You will receive a push notification in advance when the battery is critically low, indicating you need to recharge the battery.
If you are going to be away from your home for a long time, as a precaution, please make sure before going, charge the battery completely so that on your return, the Altro Smart lock remains operational. Still any doubt, better to carry any external power source using which battery can be charged from outside using the inbuilt USB port provided.

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