Locking and unlocking your Altro Smart Lock

IMPORTANT NOTE : The remote lock/unlock feature through Altro Smart app is possible ONLY when there is any motion detected in front of the Altro Smart lock. When the Altro Smart lock is idle or in sleep mode, no remote locking or unlocking is possible.

There are different ways to lock and unlock your Altro Smart lock:
1) Access Code: The Altro Smart lock comes with embedded smart touch keypad. The touch keypad comes live and gets illuminated when user long presses the doorbell symbol for more than 3 seconds. Once the touch keypad is active, using the 6 digit secure PIN, the Altro Smart lock can be unlocked.
2) Altro Smart App: When any motion is detected in front of the Altro Smart lock on your door, Altro Smart lock gets activated giving you the ability to remotely lock or unlock using the Altro Smart app.
3) Call Notifications: When any visitor arrives at the door, a quick gentle press on the doorbell symbol over Altro Smart lock sends the incoming one-way video and two-way audio notification call to the Altro Smart lock owner/s. On receiving, while in the call, Altro Smart owner can lock or unlock the door using the Altro Smart app.
4) Auto Lock/Unlock: If feature enabled on Altro Smart app, the Altro Smart lock is locked automatically when user leaves the premise or is unlocked automatically when user approaches the premise
5) Internal Unit Knob: Using the interior knob provided, with an easy turn, the Altro Smart lock can be locked or unlocked from inside.
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