How does the Auto-Unlock feature work?

Auto Unlock is the feature that automatically unlocks your door when you arrive home. You do not really have to reach out to your mobile.
The Auto unlock feature gets activated when you move away from your Altro Lock location, which is 500 meters.
There are few best practices to follow for good Auto-Unlock performance :
* keep the WiFi and Bluetooth turned ON
* Keep the location services ON as this is required for Altro lock to determine your location
* Altro Smart lock sends notification to you when you have moved away from the lock location sufficiently to activate the Auto Unlock feature. So, keep the notifications ON
* Exit and Enter your home through the same door where Altro Smart lock is placed
* Do not power off your phone or forcibly kill the Altro application
* Please make sure location of the Altro lock is set correct on your Altro Smart app. Note that the location can ONLY be set only when you are adding your Altro lock for the first time
* The WiFi or cellular connectivity should be strong enough. Poor WiFi or cellular activity hinders with Auto Unlock feature
* Keep the battery sufficiently charged 

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