Smart Home Living – How it can Transform your Life.

The world has changed a lot in the last couple of decades, with technology evolving at a break-neck speed. It feels like just yesterday that we were using bulky TVs and corded phones, computers that needed an entire room and even mail that would take weeks, if not months to arrive. Today, it is all about the quick, wireless and sleek, and this constant evolution of technology has now seeped into every area of life. 

Your home is no different. 

With the Internet of Things picking up steam over the last few years, connected homes are the next big focus. Today, your appliances, light fixtures, speakers, locks, security cameras and even your home’s thermostat can all work together as one, all of which can be controlled effortlessly via a smartphone or tablet. It really is that easy. 

But what would it be like living in a Smart Home, and what would be the advantages? These are the big questions. And these are what we will try to answer today, helping you get a clearer idea of how big of a difference a Smart Home can make in your life. 

Here are the main advantages of living in a Smart Home.

1. Save energy

One of the biggest advantages of smart home technology is that it helps you make your home more energy-efficient. After all, how often do you forget to switch off the lights, or turn off your water geyser after use? From automatic lights that turn on/off when you enter and leave a room to smart heating and cooling solutions that give you precise control, every aspect of your home can be made more energy-efficient with smart home technology. 

2. Get the most out of your appliances

Every single appliance performs better when it is a “smart appliance”. Cooking is easier with a Smart Oven, finding your favourite programs is effortless with a Smart TV, Smart Lights provide optimal lighting throughout the day and a Smart Entertainment System adds great convenience when entertaining friends and family at home. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, as more and more smart appliances hit the market. 

3. Improve the way you live

How much time do you spend watching TV? How far away is the milk in your refrigerator from its expiry date? How many calories are there in the meal you’re cooking in your oven? With smart home technology, you can answer these, and many other questions, getting great insights into the way you live. And with these insights, you will be able to make positive changes, moving you towards the sort of lifestyle you actually want to live. 

4. Control everything from one place

Imagine that it’s been an extremely cold day and you’re looking forward to coming home and curling up under a blanket. With smart home technology, you could switch on your home’s heater from wherever you are, so that when you get home, it’s nice and cozy. Or maybe you have friends coming home for dinner and you’re stuck in traffic. The ability to preheat your oven will come in handy, won’t it? You could even switch on or switch off your lights from wherever you are. These are just some of the ways in which the ability to control your home right from your smartphone can really come in handy, giving you unmatched convenience. 

5. Keep your home safe and secure

The world is moving on from the old-school lock and key to smart locks, such as the
Altro Smart Lock, because of the plethora of advantages they offer, such as 2-way audio and 1-way video communication, instant alerts via motion detection, and access to friends, family and services. It even provides the convenience of locking, unlocking or even checking the current status of your door by just asking your voice assistant – be it Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 

It would be hard to list out the many, many advantages of Smart Home living offers, and these are just some of the ways in which smart home technology can transform the way you live, adding incomparable convenience and ease to your life.

And the best part? Smart home technology is still evolving, with the world’s biggest tech companies and innovators focussing on Smart Homes as the next big thing. This means better technology is constantly being developed as these companies race to be the first ones to find a place in your home. All of which is only going to make your life easier and better connected. 

That’s something we’re incredibly excited by. What about you?

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